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This is Roppongi Personal Training Gym AGEM.

Today we will introduce the training scene at AGEM!
At AGEM, our trainers will create a menu for you based on your goals and objectives, and will also adjust the menu to suit your mood that day! We will measure your body fat and muscle mass using Tanita's Body Composition Meter, which you can measure every time you visit us, and we will even give you dietary instructions!
The key to “continuing” training is to have fun and do it effortlessly! !
We would like to share with you some of our customers who are having fun training at AGEM!
In addition to training, AGEM also does a lot of stretching, so you can do it according to how you're feeling that day, and they'll even create a menu that focuses on your posture!
No matter how successful your diet and body makeover are, if your posture is bad, your appearance will look bad and it's a waste. . .
At AGEM, you can also improve chronic problems such as stiff shoulders and lower back pain, so it's great that they approach not only diet and body makeup, but also chronic problems and posture!

If you are thinking about starting training, let's start by taking action!
Please come and visit AGEM!
To make a reservation for the experience, please use the experience form on the homepage or the official line.
We look forward to your visit.

AGEM staff
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