Diet easily with AGEM!


This is Roppongi Personal Training Gym AGEM.

Today I would like to introduce you to AGEM's beauty salon!
AGEM's beauty salons are all about results! Simultaneous treatment by two estheticians can produce 120 minutes of effect in 60 minutes!
Save time and lose weight to achieve results.

AGEM's esthetics menu is extremely popular, and many people come not only for training but also for esthetics alone.
・I don't want to move, but I want to lose weight easily
・I want to lose some parts of my body and have beautiful legs.
・I want to have a smaller face
・I am concerned about sagging
・I'm concerned about spots and wrinkles
・I want to remove hair
AGEM has the machines and technology to solve the various problems mentioned above.

[Two staff members performing treatment at the same time]
[Slimming beauty salon: Indiva]
[Facial scenery]

Although you can see the effects of beauty treatment alone, combining it with training can be expected to have a slimming effect, so AGEM recommends training + beauty treatment.
Our facial menu is so popular that even female customers and male customers who are highly conscious about their beauty sometimes come for facials after training!

If you want to lose weight quickly, please come to AGEM.
You are also very welcome to join us for a short period of time! !

To make a reservation for the experience, please use the experience form on the homepage or the official line.
We look forward to your visit.

AGEM staff

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