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is is Roppongi Personal Training Gym AGEM.

We would like to briefly introduce the facilities and services of AGEM, which boasts the best space, facilities, and services in Tokyo and is frequented by many celebrities and executives!
AGEM is a completely private personal training gym with each training room measuring 35 square meters, and is equipped with only carefully selected training machines, including the latest machines made in Italy.
In addition to receiving guidance from highly knowledgeable trainers who have won contests, you can also stretch according to your physical condition, and we create menus tailored to your needs on a daily basis.
All training wear and shoes are rented, so you can come empty-handed. During training, we use high-quality water with a high detox effect, and you can also drink BCAA drinks every time you train. After training, we will give you a very popular high-protein protein!
After your workout, you can wash off your sweat and refresh yourself in the luxurious, completely private shower room.
AGEM's shower rooms are also meticulously designed, and all first-time visitors are impressed.
Shower heads, hair dryers, irons, irons, ReFa products, shampoos, etc. are all provided with amenities that you would expect from a luxury hotel.
In addition, all shower rooms are equipped with salon-exclusive ``Ria Beaute'' cosmetics, so you can even do your own skin care.
Rea Beaute products are made with only active ingredients without using any water, and are so popular that high-end beauty salons carry them.
At AGEM, we also have top-notch estheticians on staff, and you can also receive beauty treatment with a slimming machine (Indiva Hyper Knife Facial) after training, so all your needs can be met at AGEM.
If you are not satisfied with the results at other personal gyms or fitness gyms, why not come to AGEM once?

Please come and experience the "Space, Facilities, and Services" of "AGEM".
Please reserve your experience using the experience form on the homepage.
We look forward to your visit.

AGEM staff
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