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Hello everyone.
Roppongi Anti-aging Salon AGEM.

The temperature is gradually rising, and the rainy season is about to begin, and once the rainy season is over, the full-fledged ``summer'' begins.
If you're trying to build up your body for the summer but haven't seen any results, or if you've given up, this is a must-see!

AGEM is a personal training + beauty salon for body makeup and aging care.
It is an integrated salon.
Our highly knowledgeable trainers are looking forward to your visit, using the latest equipment made in Italy to tone your body, improve your strength, improve your posture, and solve your daily lack of exercise.
In addition to knowledge, AGEM trainers also have many contest-winning trainers and body makeup professionals!
Everyone is very kind and our customers love us!
In addition, our beauty salon offers a wide range of treatments for aging care, including slimming beauty treatments, NMN hydrogen suction, near-infrared Clarava, peeling, and hair removal.

Having a slimming beauty treatment after training will accelerate your slimming effect!
That's why AGEM can be delivered in time for summer!

We, AGEM, are in the price range among high-end salons.
We are not competing, but we strive to satisfy and impress our customers with quality, service, and quality.
I am working hard every day.

If you want to lose weight quickly, please come to AGEM.
You are also very welcome to join us for a short period of time! !

To make a reservation for the experience, please use the experience form on the homepage or the official line.
We look forward to your visit.

AGEM staff
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Please contact us via the below page for those who would like to visit our facilities or to ask any questions.

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